Welcome to the
20th Anniversary Season of
College Football Pick 'em!


      ***IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE READ!!!***

      Welp, here's the situation. I'm a dope and miscalculated the number

      of weeks in the season PLUS BOWLS. Everyone paid for 13 weeks - 

      the bowls are the 14th - plus it's a rollover - so we need a winner. 

      Here is the plan... (UPDATED 12/11)

      1) Everyone PayPal $10 for the bowl picks (osuphil95@yahoo.com) and 

      we will have a triple pot for the bowls!

      2) Thanks to Louie the Programmer, on Sunday, December 15, I will post

      all 39 bowl games with point spreads like it's a normal week.

      3) Starting Monday, December 16, log in and you will select winners for 

      all 39 bowl games! Click your winners quickly so you do not get timed


      4) Your picks must be submitted by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 at 2 PM

      Eastern when the Bahamas Bowl kicks off.

      5) Most correct wins. A tie splits the pot. Fake good luck!
  • Each week the complete listing of the college point spreads will be posted and locked in on the official Pick ‘em website (www.buckeyepickem.com) on Monday or Tuesday night.
  • If a game has not been assigned a point spread on Tuesday, but one surfaces by Thursday AM, the spread can be posted on the site and available.
  • Each entry is $5 per week. Must prepay to play. $73 covers the entire season including the bowls. Play as many entries as you would like ($73, $146...)
  • PayPal your entry fees to osuphil95@yahoo.com
  • For each entry you will select 5 or 6 (your choice) winning teams using the point spreads.
  • To win the pot you must have a perfect 5-0 or 6-0 record. A push is a loss. A 6-0 beats a 5-0 entry. Ties split the pot. If no one is perfect for the week all money rolls over to the following week. Every week is 100% payout!
  • Your weekly entries must be entered into the site by Friday at midnight eastern time. No late entries will be accepted into the website. Late entries will NOT be added, but…
  • If you miss the deadline, you will have the opportunity to ‘double up’ the following week (unless the following week is a rollover). Send me an email that you are doubling up and create a new log-in (ex. SWAMPY, SWAMPYB).
  • Weather issues. Buyer beware! If your game gets cancelled or postponed due to hurricanes, tornadoes, Bernie Sanders protesters cut power to the stadium… this counts as a non-game on your entry. Pay attention to the weather. If a last minute hurricane sabotages your 5-teamer and you only have 4 games for your entry, you are not eligible to win the pot!

 If you have questions, please email me at osuphil95@yahoo.com

     All picks must be entered before Friday night at midnight (eastern time zone). 

     If you are picking a weeknight game, your picks must be submitted before kickoff.

    Each year we lose a few and gain a few members. Feel free to share with family, friends and co-workers.

    Ohio State Buckeyes Night Game

From L-R
Andy Esker, Pick 'em Public Enemy #1. Coach Joyce, Pick 'em Founder. Phil Schoch, Pick 'em President. 

2014 PM Stukenborg Fearless Predictors...

Paul P.M. Stukenborg



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