2018 College Football Pick 'em: 

Year 19!

      Welcome to Year 19 of College Football Pick 'em! 

        Please email any questions to me at osuphil95@yahoo.com.

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        Ol' George Bailey just needed a double rollover winner to 

        change his luck.




        Favorite          Dog

        UtahSt -9.5 NoTexas

        Tulane -3.5 LaLafayette

        Fresno -4.5 ArizSt

        GaSouthern -1.5 EMich

        AppSt -7.5 MidTenn

        UAB -2.5 NoIlli

        OhioU -3.5 SDiegoSt

        Marshall -2.5 SoFla

        Toledo -6.5 FlaInt

        BYU -11.5 WMich

        Memphis -4.5 WakeF

        Army -3.5 Houston

        Buffalo -2.5 Troy

        Hawaii -1.5 LaTech

        Boise -3.5  BostonC

        GaTech -3.5 Minnesota

        TCU -.5 Cal

        Temple -3.5 Duke

        MiaFL -3.5 Wisconsin

        Vandy -3.5 Baylor

        Auburn -4.5 Purdue

        WVa -7.5 Syracuse

        WashSt -4.5 IowaSt

        ArkSt -1.5 Nevada

        Michigan -7.5 Florida

        SCaolina -4.5 Virginia

        Cincy -5.5 VaTech

        Stanford -6.5 Pitt

        Oregon -2.5 MichSt

        Mizzou -7.5 OklaSt

        Utah -6.5 Nwestern

        TexasAM -4.5 NCSt

        MissSt -6.5 Iowa

        PennSt -6.5 Kentucky

        LSU -7.5 CenFla

        OhioSt -5.5 Washington

        Georgia -11.5 Texas

        Bama -14.5 Oklahoma

        Clemson -11.5 NDame

        Zydepunk - Texas, OhioSt, LSU, PennSt, Iowa, TexAM, Nwestern, OklaSt, Oregon, Pitt, VaTech, Florida, Oklahoma, NDame

        Hackensaw - UtahSt, Tulane, AzSt, EMich, AppSt, UAB, Toledo, WakeF, Boise, Minnesota, OklaSt, TexasAM, Oklahoma, Clemson

        CousinEddie - BostonC, Army, Purdue, Syracuse, IowaSt, Nevada, Florida, VaTech, Pitt, OklaSt, Nwestern, CenFla, Oklahoma, Clemson 

        Liz - Clemson, Bama, Georgia, C.Florida, N.Western, Wash St., W Virginia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Boise, BYU, Oregon, OSU, Cincy

        Riley2017GoBucks - Fresno St., Syracuse, Purdue, Wake Forest, San Diego St., Michigan, Missouri, Ohio State, Penn State, Northwestern, LSU, TX A&M, Notre Dame, Alabama

        Riley2017GoBucks2 - Fresno St., App St., Syracuse, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Penn State, LSU, Missouri, Wisconsin, Buffalo, Michigan, Northwestern, Clemson, Alabama

        nmcecil78 -- fresno st, NoIllinois, Toledo, Western Michigan, Troy, Ga Tech, Temple, Auburn, Va Tech, Oregon, Texas A&M, Iowa, Oklahoma, Clemson

        BucksIO - North Texas, Fresno, Ga Southern, Marshall, Fla International, Wake Forest, Ga Tech, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Florida, Texas A&M, Ohio St, Oklahoma, Clemson

        KevinG - Toledo, Army, Wisconsin, Auburn, Syracuse, Florida, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Penn State, Central Florida, Ohio State, Texas, Oklahoma, Clemson

        3amigos: Utah St, App St, Utah, Army, Syracuse, Stanford, Buffalo, Vandy, Penn St, Miss St, Oregon, OhioU, Oklahoma, NDame

        Bucks&Pucks - Utah St, App St, Army, Utah, UAB, Ohio St, Georgia, Mizzou, Miss St, SoFla, TCU, Toledo, Oklahoma, NDame

        Hollister - Appalachian State, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Auburn, Virginia Tech, South Florida, Memphis, TCU, Syracuse, Iowa State, Virginia, Florida, Notre Dame, Alabama

        Mount - UAB, GaSouthern, Wisconsin, Auburn, Wash St, Michigan, SCarolina, Oregon, Ohio St., LSU, Georgia, Utah, Bama, Clemson

        soliz3osu - Ohio State, Penn State, Memphis, Central Florida, Northwestern, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, TCU, Houston, Texas, NC State, Washington State, Clemson, Oklahoma

        BuckeyeBandit - Wash St., Ohio U, Toledo, Cincinnati, Ohio St., Mich St., Florida, Oklahoma St., Buffalo, Georgia, E. Mich, UCF, Oklahoma, Clemson

        MalachiBrothers - Cincinnati, Washington, Kentucky, West Virginia, Auburn, TCU, Houston, Oklahoma St, Buffalo, Georgia, GA Southern, LSU, Alabama, Clemson


        Fronckel - App St, OhioU, Army, Ga. Tech, TCU, Florida, Oregon, N'western, Penn St., LSU, Ohio St., Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson


        Pooksat - UAB, FlaInt, Memphis, CenFla, Boise, Wisconsin, Auburn, WashSt, OklaSt, TexasAM, OhioSt, Georgia, Oklahoma, NDame

        FLBenny - Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio St, Northwestern, South Carolina, NC St, UAB, Iowa, Syracuse, Central Florida, Kentucky, Oregon, Memphis, Oklahoma St

        jwoods81 - utahst, toledo, houston, wisconsin, wash st, michigan, oregon, okla st, utah, texas am, ohio st, georgia, oklahoma, Clemson

        BUFBILLS - MidTenn, Memphis, Hawaii, Boise, Duke, Wisconsin, WashSt, Cincy, OklaSt, Nwestern, Penn St, Ohio St, Oklahoma, Clemson

        beast13jb - N. Illinois, Eastern Mich, Mid Tenn St, Syracuse, Tulane, Fla Int, N. Texas, S. Carolina, Marshall, BYU, Ga Tech, Cinci, Clemson, Oklahoma

        Tidbits - UtahSt, Tulane, SDiegoSt, GaSouthern, AppSt, Toledo, GaTech, Cal, MiamiFl, Syracuse, IowaSt, Auburn, Bama, Clemson

        PokeyLafarge - Georgia, OhioSt, CenFla, PennSt, MissSt, Florida, SoCarolina, Temple, VaTech, Oregon, Nwestern, TexasAM, Bama, Clemson

        Jellyroll - Houston, GaTech, Auburn, Syracuse, IowaSt, Nevada, MiamiFl, Oregon, OhioSt, Georgia, PennSt, Mizzou, Bama, Clemson

        Buckwheat - Florida, MissSt, OhioSt, Oregon, Buffalo, TexasAM, PennSt, LSU, Auburn, BostonC, Toledo, WakeF, Bama, NDame

        CarterMcG - OhioU, GaTech, TCU, MiamiFL, Auburn, Oregon, Utah, MissSt, PennSt, OhioSt, Georgia, TexasAM, Bama, Clemson

        ParkerE - LaLaf, FlaInt, WakeF, Hawaii, GaTech, Florida, Pitt, OklaSt, Nwestern, Iowa, CenFla, OhioSt, Oklahoma, Clemson

        YesMaam - Syracuse, Florida, Pitt, Oregon, OklaSt, Nwestern, TexasAM, MissSt, PennSt, CenFla, OhioSt, Texas, Oklahoma, Clemson 

        DOTY: UtahSt, ArizSt,BostonC, GaTech, Temple, Wisconsin, Michigan, Stanford, Nwestern, LSU, OhioSt, Georgia , Bama, NDame

        Dotyrenee - UL Lafayette, Nothern Texas, Fresno, FIU, Army, Troy, Temple, West Virginia, South Carolina, Cindy, Kentucky, LSU, Bama, Notre Dame

        Redn3ck - EMich, SDiegoSt, Boise, TCU, WVa, Michigan, Virginia, Cincy, Mizzou, NorthWestern, Kentucky, Iowa, Bama, NDame

        Nudepainter7 - Ohio State, Michigan, Georgia, Duke, Central Florida, Iowa State, TexasAM, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Troy, Florida Int, LaLafayette, Notre Dame, Oklahoma

        Annabelle7 - Tulane, MidTenn, NoIll, OhioU, Houston, Baylor, Cincy, MichSt, TexasAM, PennSt, OhioSt, Georgia, Bama, Clemson

        Graverb1 - Utah St, Toledo, Memphis, Wisconsin, Auburn, WVa, WashSt, OklaSt, Nwestern, LSU, OhioSt, Georgia, Bama, Clemson

        LAZ - NoTexas, Fresno -4.5, GaSouthern -1.5, MidTenn, SDiegoSt, Houston, Syracuse, IowaSt, Florida, Clemson -11.5, Bama -14.5, Oregon -2.5, MissSt -6.5, CenFla

        Helline - Houston, Oregon, LSU, Auburn, App State, Miami Fl, Florida, Stanford, Ohio U, Troy, WVa, Duke, Oklahoma, Notre Dame 

        Daddis - Georgia Southern, Middle Tenn, Fresno St, Wash. St, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Army, Ohio St., Wake Forest, Stanford, Ohio, TCU, Alabama, Clemson

        Milbest - Central Fl, Ohio St, Bama, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, Penn St, Miss St, Texas A& M, NWestern, Mizzou, Oregon, Stanford, Cincy

        Milbestgal - Bama, Clemson, WVA, Purdue, Wisc, Duke, TCU, Minn, Boston C, Hawaii, Bufflalo, Houston, Wake, BYU

        BadgerRed – Fresno, Tulane, FlaInt, LaTech, BostonC, Wisconsin, Syracuse, OklaSt, Nwestern, PennSt, OhioSt, Georgia, Clemson, Oklahoma

        UCAL37 - Ohio St, Ohio, Boise St, Wisconsin, Purdue, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State, Penn St, Syracuse, Washington State,  LSU,  Arizona State,  Oklahoma,  Notre Dame 

        ClarkD32 - ArizSt, NoIlli, BYU, Memphis, Buffalo, Hawaii, Wisconsin, IowaSt, Nevada, Cincy, Iowa, OhioSt, Oklahoma, NDame

        Dongbag - N. Texas, Boise St, TCU, Wisconsin, Vandy, Syracuse, Iowa St, Michigan, Michigan St, Nwestern, Penn St, Ohio St, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

        Bill 52 - Nwest, penn state, pitt, wisconsin, ohio state, iowa st, lsu, auburn,mich st, houston, bostonc, gatech, ND, bama

        CCD420NoTexas, ArizSt, MidTenn, UAB, Marshall, Toledo, Memphis, Troy, LaTech, Michigan, Oregon, Georgia, Bama, Clemson

        Travers 22 - BYU, Cuse, Wisconsin, Mich st, Iowa St, Memphis, Ohio St, Ga Tech, La Tech, Temple, Stanford, Nwest, Bama, ND

        Wisco15 - Frenso, Army, GaTech, TCU, Temple, Syracuse, Florida, Cincy, Mizzou, Nwestern, NCSt, OhioSt, Oklahoma, NDame

        Fleish2 - NoTexas, LaLafayette, SoFla, WakeF, Duke, Syracuse, IowaSt, Nevada, VaTech, MichSt, Penn St, OhioSt, Oklahoma, NDame

        Fleish3 - NoTexas, AppSt, Syracuse, Nevada, Michigan, Utah, TexAM, Iowa, PennSt, CenFla, OhioSt, Texas, Oklahoma, Clemson

        Fleish4 - LaLafayette, Houston, Minnesota, Purdue, Syracuse, Florida, MichSt, Nwestern, Kentucky, CenFla, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, NDame

        Fleish5 - OhioU, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Purdue, Syracuse, Michigan, Cincy, MichSt, Nwestern, Iowa, PennSt, OhioSt, Bama, NDame

        Fleish6 - LaLafayette, Fresno, AppSt, SDiegoSt, Memphis, Houston, Troy, Boise, Minnesota, Syracuse, Utah, CenFla, Oklahoma, NDame

        Fleish7 - WMich, WakeF, GaTech, Vandy, Syracuse, IowaSt, Nevada, OklaSt, Nwerstern, TexasAM, PennSt, OhioSt, Oklahoma, Clemson

        Fleish8 - AppSt, UAB, WMich, Hawaii, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Michigan, Oregon, PennSt, CenFla, OhioSt, Bama, NDame

        Bucks0103 – Syracuse, Ohio State, iowa st, Mississippi st, Purdue, penn st, Georgia southern, army, Troy, wake Forest, Duke, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Notre dame.

        Nealon13 - NoTexas, LaLafayette, Toledo, WMich, Troy, TCU, Wisconsin, Purdue, Syracuse, Michigan, Pitt, Iowa, OhioSt NDame

        Wisky97 - Ga Southern, UAB, Memphis, Houston, Cal, Syracuse, Va Tech, Penn St, Ohio St, San Diego St, Virginia, Oregon, Oklahoma, ND

        Bongos2 - Michigan, Ohio St, Houston, Cal,Syracuse, Fresno, So Florida, Boston College, Minnesota, Temple, Auburn, Pitt, Oklahoma, Clemson

        Gruse from WV - Marshall, Toledo, Memphis, Army, Auburn, West Virginia, Washington State, Clemson, Alabama, Cincinnati, Northwestern, Kentucky, Ohio State, Georgia

        Joeybagadonuts - Tulane, Miami FL, Toledo, EMichigan, LaTech, Iowa St, Duke, Michigan, Penn St, Arizona St, Virginia Tech, Michigan St, Ohio U., BostonC, Notre Dame, Oklahoma

        GLY1:  OhioU, Toledo, Boise, GaTech, TCU, Temple, Vandy, Syracuse, Florida, SCarolina, PennSt, OhioSt, Oklahoma, NDame

        GLY2:  ArizSt, OhioU, Marshall, BostonC, SCarolina, Cincy, Oregon, Nwestern, TexasAM, Kentucky, OhioSt, Texas, Oklahoma, Clemson

        KurtR - Army, Georgia Tech, Duke, Vandy, Syracuse, Nevada, S Carolina, Pitt, Okla St, TexasAM, PennST, Ohio State, Oklahoma, NDame

        Dirty Dick – Marshall, UAB, Wake Forest, Ohio State, Bama, Clemson, BYU, Utah, Oregon, BostonC, MidTenn, Cuse, Duke, Florida

        BOOMS - BYU, Memphis, Auburn, WVa, Nevada, Michigan, SCarolina, Mizzou, TexasAM, Penn St, LSU, Georgia, BAMA, Clemson

        HELLINE2 - Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Nevada, TCU, Duke, Syracuse, Northwestern, Georgia, Auburn, Wisconsin, Penn State, Wake Forest

        Fully Torqued: Arizona state, Houston, Michigan, Cincy, Northwestern, Ohio State, Kentucky, Ark State, Iowa State, Syracuse, Vandy, Ok State, Oklahoma, N Dame


        Ace - Emich, MidTenn, Marshall, Troy, LaTech, GaTech, Duke, Wisconsin, Purdue, IowaSt, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Clemson

        Ashkera - No Texas, Go Southern, UAB, Toledo, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, Utah, Ohio State, Georgia, Duke, Iowas State, Hawaii, Alabama, Notre Dame

        Courtskera - Fresno St, Mid Tenn, Memphis, Georgia Tech, TCU, Syracuse, TX A&M, Georgia, Penn St., Miss St., Oregon, Nevada, Oklahoma, Clemson

        ParmaPierogies - Buffalo, Army, TCU, Fresno St., Ohio, Marshall, W. Michigan, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Stanford, Alabama, Notre Dame

        IronMikeSharp - Oregon, Missouri, Utah, TX A&M, Miss St., Fresno St., Boise St., Michigan, CAL, Cen Fla, Geo Southern, Fla Int, Alabama, Clemson

        VanHalen - No Texas, Mid Tenn, Wake Forest, La Tech, Georgia Tech, Temple, Ark St, Va Tech, La Lafayette, Miami FL, Troy, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Notre Dame

        Wallingford - Ohio, Fla Int, TCU, Duke, Buffalo, Ark St., Florida, South Carolina, App St, Texas, Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, Clemson

        BALLS - Stanford, Tulane, Arizona St, Auburn, Cincy, UAB, Ohio U, Georgia, Toledo, WMich, Memphis, Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame

        WIZ of WOODMANBoise, Minnesota, TCU, Duke, Wisconsin, Baylor, Auburn, WVa, WashSt, Nevada, Michigan, SCarolina, VaTech, Stanford

        CASERTA - La Tech, Minnesota, Purdue, Syracuse, NC State, Texas, Ohio, Boise St, TCU, Nevada, Stanford, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Oklahoma

        WildRumpus - MidTenn, No Ill, SDiego, Toledo, Hawaii, TCU, MiaFl, WVa, Nevada, Cincy, Okla St, Penn St, Okla, NDame 

        jtharvey5 - washington st., wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio st, Iowa, North Western, Stanford, Michigan St., Cincinnati, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Alabama

        Fleish1 - Ga Southern, App St, UAB, WMich, Memphis, Buffalo, Syracuse, Michigan, Nwestern, TexasAM, PennSt, OhioSt, Bama, Clemson

        JGru6 - Marshall, Army, GaTech, Auburn, Syracuse, OklaSt, Nwestern, TexasAM, MissSt, PennSt, LSU, Ohio St, Oklahoma, NDame

        TOMCAT - Utah St, UAB, Buffalo, Hawaii, Boise St, TCU, Auburn, Arkansas St, UCincy, Stanford, Oregon, Northwestern, NDame, Alabama


        Week 1 Winner: TomCat - (pd)

        Week 2 Winner: GraverB1 - (pd)

        Week 3 Winners: JGru6 (pd) & Wallingford (pd)

        Week 4 Winner: CSHoopsCoach (pd)

        Week 5 Winner: Hollister (pd)

        Week 6 Winners: Bongos, Milbest (pd), Bucks0103

        Week 7: Travers22 (pd) &Beast13JB (pd)

        Week 8: Milbest (pd)

        Week 9: GLY2 (pd) & Pucks&Bucks

        Week 10: WeiantW

        Week 11: CCD420


  • Each week the complete listing of the college point spreads will be posted and locked in on the official Pick ‘em website (www.buckeyepickem.com) on Monday or Tuesday night.
  • If a game has not been assigned a point spread on Tuesday, but one surfaces by Thursday AM, the spread can be posted on the site and available.
  • Each entry is $5 per week. Must prepay to play. $72 covers the entire season including the bowls. Play as many entries as you would like ($72, $144...)
  • PayPal your entry fees to osuphil95@yahoo.com
  • For each entry you will select 5 or 6 (your choice) winning teams using the point spreads.
  • To win the pot you must have a perfect 5-0 or 6-0 record. A push is a loss. A 6-0 beats a 5-0 entry. Ties split the pot. If no one is perfect for the week all money rolls over to the following week. Every week is 100% payout!
  • Your weekly entries must be entered into the site by Friday at midnight eastern time. No late entries will be accepted into the website. Late entries will NOT be added, but…
  • If you miss the deadline, you will have the opportunity to ‘double up’ the following week (unless the following week is a rollover). Send me an email that you are doubling up and create a new log-in (ex. SWAMPY, SWAMPYB).
  • Weather issues. Buyer beware! If your game gets cancelled or postponed due to hurricanes, tornadoes, Bernie Sanders protesters cut power to the stadium… this counts as a non-game on your entry. Pay attention to the weather. If a last minute hurricane sabotages your 5-teamer and you only have 4 games for your entry, you are not eligible to win the pot!

 If you have questions, please email me at osuphil95@yahoo.com

     All picks must be entered before Friday night at midnight (eastern time zone). 

     If you are picking a weeknight game, your picks must be submitted before kickoff.

    Each year we lose a few and gain a few members. Feel free to share with family, friends and co-workers.

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